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Markus Hengstschläger, Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr.

The Center for Pathobiochemistry and Genetics Is engaged in research, teaching and clinical diagnostic activities in the field of human genetics.

We organize courses for students in human medicine, genetics, biochemistry and related fields. Moreover, we supervise masters and doctoral theses and offer a full postgraduate training in medical genetics. The Center’s scientific interest is the genetic predisposition to disorders, including the characterization of the molecular basis of monogenetic diseases, stem cell research, tumor biology, reproductive genetics, lipid metabolism, signal transduction and genetic diseases, as well as the development of novel therapeutic strategies for human genetic disorders, bioethics and toxicogenetics. The Center’s clinical section offers a range of up-to-date genetic analyses in the areas of pre- and postnatal cytogenetic, molecular cytogenetic and molecular genetic diagnostics, as well as comprehensive genetic consultations in line with patient care.

05. December 2022

"Best talk award" for Eleonora Nardini

Best talk award was given to the PhD student from our center for the outstanding presentation at the “Annual Meeting of the Cluster for Cardiovascular…
11. August 2022

Claudia Weindorfer has received Marietta-Blau grant

Congratulations to our PhD student Claudia Weindorfer who is doing research on tumor-associated fibroblasts in the laboratory of Assoc. Prof. Helmut…