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Genetic Consultation

Genetic Consultation

In a genetic consultation, individual disease risks that are genetically
determined or co-determined can be clarified.

A genetic consultation is conducted by specialists in medical genetics or human
genetics and includes information on medical correlations of congenital or late-
manifesting, genetic or co-caused diseases or disabilities (including aetiology,
prognosis, therapy or prevention) as well as information on pre- and postnatal
diagnostics. The significance of genetic factors in the development of diseases and
their effects on the probability of disease for relatives or the person being counselled
are explained.
The genetic consultation helps to calculate the risks of disease by providing calculated
or empirical values. In the case of exogenous exposures, the discussion of possible
mechanisms of action, teratogenic and/or mutagenic risks as well as possibilities of
prevention or therapy and prenatal diagnostics. In addition, the consultation supports
individual decision-making, considering the respective personal or family situation.
Particular importance is attached to observing and respecting the individual values
including personal attitudes as well as the psychosocial situation of the person seeking


Registration for genetic counseling by email with a referral from a resident specialist for genetic counseling and indication.

Our office can be reached by phone

Mon – Thu 9.00-11:00 und 14.00-16.00
Friday 9.00-12.00

Where we are

The genetic counselling centre is located at the Institute of Medical Genetics
(Währinger Straße 10, A-1090 Vienna) opposite the Votivkirche (brick building). The
easiest way to find us is to enter the building via Wasagasse 9 (back of the building)
through the car park. Signs show the way to the counselling centre.
When arriving by car, the barrier for the car park can be opened for patients with
mobility impairments or wheelchairs upon request by phoning the office.

Public Transportation

  • U2 Schottentor Universität station
  • or tram lines 37, 38, 40, 4, 42: Schwarzspanierstraße stop
  • or tram lines 43, 44: Landesgerichtsstrasse stop