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Aged blood vessels deteriorate bone

A research team led by Osmanagic-Myers from the Center of Pathobiochemistry & Genetics has demonstrated for the first time in an in vivo context, that aged blood vessels secrete microRNA-mediated signals perturbing bone homeostasis.

This leads to cortical bone thinning that significantly contributes to bone loss in elderly. In particular, paracrine senescence-associated microRNA-31-5p signals derived from the aged vascular niche are shown to inhibit pro-osteogenic Wnt-signaling in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Findings from this study are expected to provide insight into the vascular-bone crosstalk and shed light on the concurrent development of vascular and bone diseases in the elderly population. Furthermore, targeting microRNA-31-5p may represent a promising strategy to combat bone loss in the elderly. This study was recently published in the journal “Aging Cell”.

For more details on the work check the link

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